Services & Products

Hearing Tests & Audiologist Consultations

The first consultation and hearing test with our audiologist will be free.

We offer dozens of tests depending on your needs. Our audiologist can recommend the best tests for you, with the main objective to assess the health of your hearing. 

Ear Wax Removal

Our partner Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) doctors in Mount Elizabeth are on standby for sensitive ear wax removals.

Hearing Aids

We carry all major brands and a wide range of models, catering to all needs and budgets.

Hearing Protection

If you work in a high noise environment, we recommend introducing attenuated earplugs to protect your ears. Attenuated earplugs provides adaptive noise cancellation while still allowing you to listen to your surroundings, unlike generic foam earplugs. 

Ear Impression Services

Our experienced and cerified audiologists will make a perfect set of ear impressions for you.